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Is it possible to treat anemia in natural ways?

Anemia Naturally treating anemia. Medicinal plants such as nettles, algae, etc. that naturally contain iron and vitamin C are one of the solutions that natural medicine provides for treating anemia. 

Anemia is treated with traditional medicine through iron supplements, while physiotherapy carries other solutions. Anemia is naturally treated with a lot of foods rich in vitamin C and certain medicinal plants! Let's get to know her in this article.

What is anemia?
Anemia (anemia or anemia) is a decrease in the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

Advice from the field of physical therapy

Here are the most important advice that you are advised to follow in this case:

  • It is recommended to take vitamin C which greatly improves iron absorption, and it is recommended to increase consumption of foods that contain vitamin C around the time of meals rich in iron or drink lemon or orange juice around the time of the meal.

  • With natural products, the body can be taught anew how to better absorb iron.

  • It is not recommended to consume foods and drinks that may adversely affect iron absorption, such as coffee, tea, smoking and alcohol. Also, it should be avoided eating it soon after the meal, which contains a lot of iron. 
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