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How to loss 10 kg from your Weight in a week

            Many people resort to some methods of losing weight, such as: Eat small amounts of calories, which do not exceed 800 calories a day, or follow severe diets or exercise a lot. However, a healthy and safe weight loss is a loss of between 0.45 to 0.9 kg per week.  The body can lose more than this rate by starting a diet and exercising. The rapid descent in the initial period is considered normal, because the weight that was lost during this period is called the weight of the water.
It should be noted that consuming fewer calories than the body burns causes energy stores, known as glycogen, to be linked to water. So when it is burned as a source of energy, the body releases water. After this process is over, the weight loss must be established at 0.45 to 0.9 kg per week. Rapid weight loss leads to water loss, muscle mass, and bone rather than fat loss, so experts have recommended that you should gradually lose weight.

Healthy ways to lose weight

Being overweight is consuming more calories than your body needs. In order for the weight to increase by 0.45 kilograms, approximately 3,500 calories are consumed per week, which is equivalent to 500 calories per day. Therefore, it is recommended to lose weight by consuming less than 3,500 calories per week. Here are some effective methods that are recommended to use for losing weight:
  • Track the diet: In addition to exercising, registering each type of food intake is an effective way to lose weight, which makes people pay attention to what they consume during the day.

  • Eat protein at breakfast: Research on young people has shown that the hormonal effect of protein intake on breakfast can persist for hours after ingestion. Protein intake helps to feel satiated by regulating appetite hormones, often due to the low level of the hunger hormone. This is known as gherkin, and the high level of satiety hormones such as peptide, cholecystokinin, and glucagon-like peptide -1 known as GLP-1. It is worth noting that good and high sources of protein must be chosen, such as: Oats, eggs, sardines, butter, nuts and seeds, quinoa porridge, and chili pods.

  • Reducing the consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates: As this type of carbohydrate does not contain fiber, or nutrients, due to processing and manufacturing processes, it is also fast to digest, and is converted into glucose. The increase in which leads to an increase in weight, because of the urge of insulin to enhance the storage of fat in the adipose tissue. Examples of these refined carbohydrates include: White rice, bread, and pasta.

  • Increase your fiber intake: Like: Whole grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, as the fibers increase the feeling of satiety, and the small intestine is not digested unlike starches and sugar, which may lead to weight loss.

  • Following an intermittent fasting system: (بالإنجليزيّة: Which is known by following a specific eating pattern, in which food is abstained from a short period of time regularly, and meals are consumed during a shorter period of time during the day, and it has several methods, as follows:
    • The 16/8 diet, where food is refrained from for 16 hours, and eaten only during the eight-hour period, and this period can extend from noon hours to eight in the evening, and according to a study conducted on this system, that eating in specific periods led Into consuming fewer calories and losing participants weight.

    • exchanging fasting days diet, i.e. fasting day after day, and in this system only 25 to 30% of the calories that the body consumes during fasting days are consumed, while the rest of the days are eaten normally, but it should be noted that excess Nutrition, and eating a healthy diet during days when food is not abstained.

    • 2:5 diet in this diet, two to seven days of food are abstained from eating. During fasting days, approximately 500 to 600 calories are eaten.

  • Get enough rest: Where lack of sleep enough time can lead to hunger and it becomes difficult to lose weight because it enhances the secretion of the hormone gherkin and reduces the secretion of the hormone satiety, which is known as leptin.

    Doing high-strength exercises: One of the most effective ways to burn calories is combining regular, high-intensity exercise into regular exercise.

  • Drink more water: This is in place of sugar-filled drinks that cause obesity, such as: Flavored coffee, sports drinks, and soft drinks, of which hundreds of calories are filled.

  • Eat moderate amounts of healthy fats: Avocado, nuts, olive oil, vegetable oil, and butter nuts.ats:

  • Green tea extract drinking: Or Oolong tea: Research has shown that green tea may increase fat burning by up to 17%, and may boost metabolism by 4 to 5%.

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