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14 Risk of weight lose tablets

Weight lose tablets

There are a lot of people men and woman use weight lose tablets which contain nutritional supplement or medicines to lose weight and have a perfect weight. They think that method is like magic as the don’t do healthy diet or Strong diet. Those tablets work to suppress your appetite, but it have a lot of risks we don’t know it except we consumed it without advice from doctors or medical recipes.

Risks of weight lose tablets

  • 1- It affects the digestive system, because it opposes the metabolism of some types of foods, and thus increases gases and bloating, as well as changes the stool color.
  • 2- It affects the liver and hinders its healthy and proper functioning, due to the increased level of toxins in the body, to excess consumption.
  • 3- It affects the stomach and causes ulcers, due to the stomach's inability to bear the additional burden of grain.
  • 4- It prevents the body from taking advantage of some parts of food because it is converted to heat.
  • 5- Caused depression.
  • 6- Increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, especially caffeine pills.
  • 7- It causes thirst and causes dry mouth.
  • 8- Causing constipation.
  • 9- It causes restlessness, frequent headache and a feeling of gauntlet.
  • 10- Reduces the level of potassium in the body which leads to heart problems.
  • 11- It causes addiction if used excessively and for long periods, so it is not recommended to use it for more than six weeks.
  • 12- It affects thyroid hormones negatively and at the normal level of secretion.
  • 13- It affects the kidneys, as it dissolves abnormally accumulated fat in the body, including the fat surrounding the kidneys, which acts as a pillow for the kidneys, which leads to kidney failure and kidney failure.
  • 14- It affects blood sugar level.

The dangers of taking weight loss pills

  • Avoid taking pills for more than six weeks, and avoid suddenly stopping their use, but gradually.
  • Take pills under medical advice and according to the instructions prescribed by your doctor, which varies from person to person.
  • Avoid taking pills by people with excess stomach acidity, viral hepatitis C patients, kidney patients, heart patients, and hypertensive patients.
Note:  It is recommended to follow a healthy, integrated food style, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly on a regular basis to improve the overall health of the body and reduce weight, as many studies have proven that these pills are effective and have a strong effect in weight loss at first, but they lead to Stable weight and less effective after a period of use.

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